The Library Index has been updated to March 2019.

Located at the Neil Balkwill Centre – Check at Front Desk for Access

The following are updates to the library as of December 2018.

New Additions: “Painting Garden Birds”, “Carving Birds”, “Birds of Prey Carving Projects”, “Wildfowl Carving”, “Carving Miniature Wildfowl”, “Decoy Pattern Book”, “Game Bird Carving”, “Realistic Decoys”.

The Library has

RWW Carving Library, All Books to March 2019.

Wood Carving illustrated to Issue 86, March 2019

Chip and Chats Carving Patterns to March 2019

Wood Carving British Edition, to March 2019

To use these indicies, simply load the PDF and then use the search function to discover the book you want by title or author … OR simply browse the listing of titles

Also on the site you will find an index that lists all the articles and subjects back to the beginning of the magazine. Then check our Library listing to see if RWW has a copy, and if not you might check with Bill Dearborn.